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Frequent Problems Buyers Face While Buying A Property In Noida.

30 Dec 2023
Publish Date | 30 Dec 2023

Noida has been ranked the Best City for Housing in all of India, in awards conducted by ABP News in 2015. It also emerged as the country`s "cleanest medium city" according to Swach Sarvekshan 2021.

Astonishingly, in the past few years, it has witnessed transformative technological, architectural, and infrastructural developments making it a hotbed for investments.

Recently, Noida received investment proposals worth 5.86 lakh cr, according to an Economic Times report.

Additionally, the city offers seamless connectivity with Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad & Ghaziabad via high-speed roads & metro. All of this makes Noida an equally great place to invest or live in. at much cheaper prices compared to Delhi or Gurgaon. 

However, keep in mind that every real estate market comes with its own challenges and hurdles that buyers need to stay acquainted with.

Let us explore some of these challenges that frequently plague buyers.

Choosing the Right Area

Location is the most important factor when it comes to buying a home.

Consider how close the home is in proximity to essential facilities like markets, malls, hospitals, schools, and transportation hubs. Also, evaluate the connectivity to main roads, highways, metro stations, and the availability of public transportation for easy commuting.

HouseEazy portal lets you easily pick from a wide range of areas and, also lets you check out the nearby facilities and infrastructure with drone video coverage of all micro-markets of Noida.

Choosing the Size & Budget

Home buying is a once-in-a-lifetime decision, so choose the right size that aligns with your family size & your future plans. One can easily find affordable yet lavish homes across budget segments in Noida.

One should closely evaluate one's pocket size & expenses before buying a home. According to a Financial Express blog, property prices in Noida have increased by 20.2% year-over-year (2022-23), hence, time is also of great importance. if you want to buy a home sooner is always better.

HouseEazy not only offers the most competitive prices for ready homes, but it also allows you to filter homes by area, size, budget and more. Customer can also get best loan offers at cheap interest rates from the platform.

Delayed Project Deliveries and Legal Issues

Delays in project deliveries or inability to register a property are common occurrences. Despite the RERA Act (2016), many Noida projects are still under dispute with over 3 lakh homebuyers waiting for the registry, as reported by the Economic Times. Conducting proper due diligence is a must. One needs to check all title and legal issues related to the project and the particular home before finalizing, preferably from a reputed legal agency.

HouseEazy offers only ready-to-move-in properties with comprehensive due diligence, transparent documentation, and registry support. You buy a home that not only serves as a physical haven but also offers mental peace for life.

Material & Build Quality

A home needs to stand the test of time and solid build quality is a must. However, due to rapid developments, several real estate projects have been found skimming on the quality of material used in the construction. That is why it's best to ascertain the construction quality and other details before you buy.

Resale homes have signs of wear & tear. However, HouseEazy does a 100-point quality check and refurbishes the house close to its original condition before you step in.

Hard to Find Ready-To-Move-In Flats

While many projects are currently underway, good ready-to-move-in flats are still quite hard to find. It's cumbersome to locate exactly where the flats are being sold, as they are spread across vast geographical areas. This makes it practically impossible to have all options available on the table at once.

In addition, fake photos, exaggerated reviews on listing websites & the pain of taking out time to visit multiple properties can be overwhelming.

However, with HouseEazy you can check out the homes at the comfort of your home using authentic photos & virtual tours. Simply, select a home and plan a visit according to your comfort.

A Simple Solution

If you are looking for the best marketplace place to buy a home in Noida, then the easiest & safest way is to get in touch with someone who ensures security, transparency, and trust.

One of the best in the business is HouseEazy, a marketplace that aims to revolutionize the process of buying and selling ready homes. They are a one-stop shop to buy Homes with value added services like Home loans, Home Insurance, Due diligence, Legal services & more. They help you skip all the time-consuming hassles in finding ready-to-move-in properties at the best rates in both Noida and Ghaziabad.

Check www.HouseEazy.com out before you go ahead and make a purchase decision. With its carefully inspected and title checked array of refurbished flats, you are sure to find the home of your dreams from the comfort of your couch.

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