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How To Decide Between Under Construction Homes V/S Resale Homes.

18 Nov 2023
Publish Date | 18 Nov 2023

Acquiring a property is a major milestone in every Indian’s life. When you pick a property in a developed market like Noida, you have less to worry about. Noida enjoys excellent connectivity with New Delhi via the DND Expressway & NH-24. It has robust infrastructure, premium entertainment hubs, broad roads and highways, world-class healthcare facilities, and great schools.

Noida was ranked as the Best City in Housing in all of India in the "Best City Awards" conducted by ABP News. Noida is also considered to be India's greenest city with nearly 50% green cover, the highest of any city in India.

In addition, Noida is a major employment hub in Delhi-NCR and caters to corporates, IT professionals, the clothing sector, and many other businesses. Noida has headquarters and offices of multiple MNCs like HCL, Adobe, Samsung, and Gensoft, among others. Add to this a host of start-ups and small businesses, make Noida a lucrative center for working professionals & businessmen alike.

However, in markets as busy, populous, and evolving like Noida, buying a property in a good location at the right price is a mammoth task. If you find yourself contemplating between a new apartment in Noida or a resale home, we are here to help you. In this article, we will take you through detailed information to help you make the best choice.

Location Matters

New flats are generally constructed in the newer parts of the town. This is because of the lack of space available within the main city areas. Newer areas may be comparatively isolated and take a long time to offer the same kind of living experience that established areas do.

With resale homes, you can buy a property in the central areas of the city, having easy access to nearby markets, entertainment hubs, hospitals, schools & colleges. You enjoy all essential facilities at a walkable distance, along with the safety & connectivity benefits of living in inhabited areas.

Modern Fixtures and Fittings

One good thing that always comes with buying a new property is that new apartments come equipped with the newest fixtures and fittings. Believe it or not, it can be a deciding factor, as newer parts and fixtures will last longer without the worry and hassle of immediate maintenance or upgrades.

For resale homes, it’s important to check on the condition of the fittings and fixtures before acquiring the property. However, if you buy a ready renovated property from a quality-assured asset management company, you enjoy homes restored to original conditions and warranties for complete peace of mind.

Delays In Possession

The Real Estate Regulations Act, introduced in 2016, brought many benefits for property buyers such as standardized carpet area, default interest rates, and right to information. Builders can now be held accountable for delays in possession and lack of registry.

However, despite this, lakhs of homebuyers are waiting for possession of their new property across the country.

When you buy ready-to-move-in refurbished flats from the likes of HouseEazy, you skip the hassles that come with possession delays. HouseEazy deals only in registered, fully-safe flats allowing you to move in immediately in your dream home.

Clarity On Neighbors & Facilities

With a refurbished apartment, buyers know about the existing residents and neighbors, and also about the maintenance & the society amenities, which is not possible for under construction homes.

This allows for transparency, better financial planning, as well as a more amiable neighborhood. Check out HouseEazy’s project reviews which tell you all about project amenities, apartments, prices & more.


Pricing is arguably the most important factor when deciding to buy a new house. When you’re looking to buy a house, you can hardly be sure if what you are paying is the right price. Your best bet in that case is to go from person to person looking for price quotes and the perfect property that fits your budget.

Then there always is the comparison of prices between ready homes and under construction homes. In fact, in most Tier 1 cities, under-construction homes are 20-50% more expensive than ready-to-move homes which is contrary to how most evolved markets function where ready homes are always more expensive.

When you buy from an asset management company like HouseEazy, you get to view hundreds of resale properties in the areas of your choice catering to your budget. Instead of running around and searching for properties at several offline and online places, HouseEazy’s cutting edge tech platform lets you quickly filter flats in your budget, view every nook and corner of the apartments with 360 degree virtual walkthroughs, and finalize the deal in a matter of minutes.


In the dynamic and boundless real estate market, deciding between a new or resale flat in Noida is no doubt difficult. Both options come with their fair share of benefits & challenges, and finding the best properties in Noida will require some tedious research.

That’s where HouseEazy comes in, an innovative online platform that makes buying & selling apartments in Noida & Ghaziabad an easy and hassle-free process. With HouseEazy, you get instant access to refurbished houses from all localities from the comfort of your couch. All properties on HouseEazy are legally checked, refurbished, budget-friendly, and ready-to-move-in.

With HouseEazy you get authentic photos & 3D tours help you to pre-select the properties you want to see. Moreover, you get refurbished flats which are as good as new in condition at the best prices.

Try out HouseEazy.com if you are looking for a convenient way to find the best and most affordable flats in Noida. Finding the ideal property in Noida is just a few clicks away.

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